Janice Kurth provided an update on the District grant in which Vista Hi Noon had participated.  Irene Quartey, age 23, had established the Young Single Mothers Foundation in Accra, Ghana in January 2017.    The purpose is to provide accommodation, medication, food, vocational training and education for both the mothers and their children.  She had taught the mothers bead making and established a small shop but she really wanted to become a broadcast journalist.  She wanted a high quality broadcasting education in the US.
A local Rotary club in Accra developed a partnership with the Del Mar Rotary Club and a grant was developed.  Palomar College granted admission to its Broadcasting program and a member of the Route 78 Rotary Club promised housing and food.  Unfortunately Irene was not granted a US Visa.    Also a number of problems within the Single Mothers cooperative developed including a fire and illness.  However with Rotary support, Irene was able to complete a three-month local program in broadcasting.  In conjunction with that she went to South Africa and England.  These experiences allowed her to get stamps on her passport showing she could leave the country and return.  With continued help from the Rotary club in Accra, she was able to expand her shop to include doing hands and nails.
With the opportunity looking good, Janice again enrolled Irene at Palomar and secured the same housing commitment.  However, Irene was still unable to get a US Visa.
Janice has now developed a District Grant application for 2019-20 for $5,830 to provide needed help to the Young Single Mothers project.  The goals would be to provide school fees for the children, better water storage, air conditioning, and a refrigerator plus additional items to sell.